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Hello students and parents, Fisique app is made by Prof. Shrenik Shah and his team where we have worked really hard to bring authentic content for students to practice multiple MCQ along with their video and text solutions, video concepts which help students to understand and revise one concept at a time with ease, give infinite tests to practice as much as a student wishes, ask doubt directly in the app to prof who have been in this field for more than 10 years and available for 24*7.

Technical team provides support throughout the day and night and we are also working on providing more and more solutions so that a student can study and practice from anywhere in the world and crack their NEET/JEE exam with ease and achieve their goals. All our efforts are being praised by students and parents PAN India for which we are really grateful and happy that our efforts are helping students meet their study demands.

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14 Days Workshop on Electric Charges & Fields

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