NEET, JEE & MHTCET MCQs for Physics Test

10,000+ MCQs to practice with video solutions to understand each and every step of the sum in a details.

About Fisique

Hey folks, when I was a student used to think if there was anyone who could be my constant companion and help me by solving my Physics doubts as and when I find the need. Physics because I think it is competitive and more brain cracking than any other subject in science stream that I always used to dream of it that someone sitting right next to me and helping me with every step I get stuck Read More.

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Why us?

Physics being the most difficult subject of all, this app provides complete package for a student to practice enough number of MCQ (Multiple choice questions) and also understand their mistakes with the help of video solutions.

5000+ questions in the form of question bank, segregated in chapter form as per NCERT.

All questions are provided in the form of an e-book which can be accessed from the app directly. So no printing required!

Video solutions to all the questions which guides you through all the steps for better understanding.

Unlimited Tests and Quizzes for you to practice till you find yourself comfortable with the most difficult subject in science stream.

App is like a Pocket friend for all students which is always available to help solve any doubts related to Physics.

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