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Hey folks, when I was a student used to think if there was anyone who could be my constant companion and help me by solving my Physics doubts as and when I find the need. Physics because I think it is competitive and more brain cracking than any other subject in science stream that I always used to dream of it that someone sitting right next to me and helping me with every step I get stuck with.

But now, be ready with this application Me and my team of great computer geeks, we have come up with a solution for this problem with the technology which can reach every home and every one.

But it was a dream and it never became a reality for me but now after being a Prof of Physics, I realized that it is a common problem to most of the students as much as around 90% of it.

The remaining 10% just don’t approach and slowly give up with this mind- boggling subject (But yes let me tell you, the subject is not difficult it is our mentality towards it and the lack of proper help and preparation which makes the subject a nightmare to deal with) This app will be your one constant companion who would always be ready to help you with your physics problem anytime. Yes, you heard it correct, anytime.

Just upload the question and you’ll be getting the help you’ve always needed not just with the written solution like other applications and websites and even books have provided. You will find a personalized doubt solving which will help you to understand the question along with the solution for the same.

App is like a Pocket friend for all students which is always available to help solve any doubts related to Physics.

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